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Adding a Screen/Doc/Data Source to a Folder

Folders are available on the Screens, Docs and Data Sources listing pages in the secure website. The process to add these items to a Folder is the same for all, so we'll just use Screens as our example.

To add a Screen to a folder:

  1. In the Screens page (App -> Screens), use the tick box found on the left of each row to select the Screens that you want to move to a folder.
  2. Click the Organize button on the top right; this will pop up the "Organize" dialog.
  3. Click the "+" icons next to the chosen folders to make your selections. 
  4. Once you have chosen the folders to which you wish to add the selected Screens, click the "Add" button. 

This action will make the chosen items immediately available to all users that have access to the selected folders.

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