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Adding a New Doc

To create a new Doc, navigate on the dashboard to Connected Data > Files & Docs and click the “ADD NEW” button in the upper-right corner.

  1. Basic Settings
    1. Enter a name for the Doc file. This name is what will show to mobile app users.
    2. Click the "SELECT NEW" button in the field below to select a file to upload from your computer. This is the actual file that you want to make available to your users.
    3. Choose an icon to display to app users. This helps with quickly identifying types of Docs to your users in the field.
    4. Enter a description for the Doc.
  2. Advanced Options
    1. Enter an External ID for the Doc (optional). The purpose of this field is to allow you to link the Doc to any other system or naming conventions you may use for your documentation.
    2. Select the order in which you would like the doc displayed.
    3. If you choose to tick the Download on Demand box, the doc will be downloaded only when the user requests it. Otherwise, it will be automatically synced with the app. This can be used if you have large-sized files and you would prefer to download them when needed.
    4. You can choose to Hide From Users. This prevents this item from being displayed on the default start screen. This is useful when an item should only be opened by a User Interaction (e.g., from an icon on an Icon Board Screen).

Once you've filled out the fields, hit the Create button to create the Doc.

Please note that if folder restrictions are in place within your organization, then docs will need to be placed within a folder to be accessible to users, regardless of whether they are hidden. Any doc outside a folder with folder restrictions in place will trigger a "doc no longer available" error message when the user attempts to access it. This also applies to forms, as described in our related article on folders.

File Size

While there is no official file size limit for docs, there are limits on upload request times. The design expectation is that files would be 100MB or smaller. Anything larger than this simply takes too long to upload and is outside the software design expectations.

For a file larger than 100mb, consider breaking the file upload into multiple smaller files - e.g., pages 1 - 100 in one file, pages 100 - 200 in the next, etc. Similarly, if the file is a video, you could break up the video into smaller chapters or reduce the resolution. Thus there would be multiple Docs, one for each file.

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