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What is the cloud platform's IP address? (for firewall / white listing purposes)

All USA hosted cloud services currently run behind IP addresses: 


All Europe hosted cloud services currently run behind IP addresses: 


For any incoming connections from our servers to yours, please instruct your IT team to whitelist the above IPs (depending on where your account is hosted) to ensure reliable connectivity through corporate firewalls.

Uptime monitoring available on our Pingdom page. 

Email IP Addresses

We currently use SendGrid as our email provider for all email (regardless of hosting location) sent from our platform (e.g., user invite emails, connectors etc).

All emails are currently sent through a single shared IP address:


NOTE: This IP address will be used as of 27-March 2021, at which time the previous IP address will be deprecated.

We recommend adding this IP address to your white list email filter rules and other such network controls.

If you are generating emails from our platform using your own domain as the "From" sender, then ensure you review our documentation link on how to set up an SPF rule to enhance deliverability.

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